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The best way to effectively advertise to the entire population of Nassau


Bahamas Digital signage is now used across many walks of life, empowering new information sharing and applications as never before. Below you can see how Ad Bahamas digital signage platform can help your business: in small retail stores, waiting rooms, restaurants, academic institutions, corporations, and much more customers.

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Ad Bahamas all-in-one digital menu board software enables advanced dayparting, dynamic digital menu board transitions, and includes easy to edit customizable digital menu templates!


Incorporate spaces, digital signage is used to communicate with employees, provide information and updates on corporate events and activities in real-time, product announcements, HR information, company bulletins, factory floor metrics, upcoming meetings, training procedures, and more. This is especially relevant in places where not everyone is always connected, such as manufacturing assembly floors, staff rooms, building lobbies, employee breakrooms, outside of conference rooms, and more.

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Retail is one of the most natural environments for digital signage and has been used by stores successfully for quite a while. Businesses can efficiently communicate with customers in the store to promote and provide information on products and services and to strengthen brand awareness. With dynamic digital signage, managers can set up and manage their signs easily in the store or from the corporate office to any number of stores. Different messages can be targeted to different locations and easily updated at any time from anywhere.


Digital displays help supermarkets, grocery stores and other food retailers boost impulse purchases, promote high-margin products, display weekly promotions and ultimately increase revenue.

With Ad Bahamas intuitive cloud-based digital signage player, you can easily update screens across different departments and locations to better connect with shoppers in your stores.

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